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goal is to provide the best quality services and solutions that bring real value to the needs of our customers and enable their business toward their goals.

Our Clients benefits from:
• Modern reliable, the best technology that brings immediate return of investment
• Complete CRM consultancy services together with our implementations
• Flexibility in our approach – we treat every customer as unique challenge to get the best for them.
• Investment that brings fast results, investment that last and grow.

We work with clients of any size from any industry. We listen what customer challenges are, we analyze their current existing business processes, we suggest business process optimization, and then we implement the best suitable solution that will bring the best business results for the customer.
We help the customers to increase their customer centric level and to ensure the best experience for their customers.

Our approach

• to identify what are the right business processes that can give best results for our customers’ business success
• to enable them at the most adequate and the most effective way with the best technology today
• Implementation of solution that is future-proof, easy to be maintained and developed in the future: investment that brings fast results, investment that last and grow.
We help the customers to increase their customer centric level and to ensure best experience for their customers.

We serve our customers’ goals; We are committed to the quality and the best technology.

Our Industry specific solutions

Courier solution

Solution for courier companies. This solution cover back-office activates, like accepting calls & order from the customers. But, this module also improve field services, with flexible modules for mobile access.
• Request receipt for goods transfer through all channels
• Management of the process of collecting goods
• Distribution of coods throgh courier with tracking
• Mobile access for the couriers
• Fiscal bill printing and payment at customer site
• Web application for goods tracking for customers
• Integration with ERP system

E-commerce with goods distribution

• Е-commerce site
• Creation of tickets for goods delivery
• Goods tracking for customers
• Goods deliver to customer site with electronic signature for goods acceptance
• Mobile access for the couriers
• Dispensing module for goods – distribution of goods per warehouses, goods preparation, distribution of goods per couriers, tracking of the delivery
• Monitoring through GPS
• Delivery plan based on the most optimal paths, based on GPS: region, location, time for delivery, algorithm for calculation of the most optimal delivery path.
• Overview of all open tickets
• Integration with ERP

Medical CRM

• Includes Sales & Services basic
• Procedure for evidence of medical representatives meetings with doctors and pharmaceuticals
• Questionnaire Form for the visit
• Report on the activities for medical representatives

Quality Control

• Includes Sales & Services basic
• Quality control mobile module
• Report on the quality control